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Historic Tour through Chateau

Home is where history is at Chateau Garli. Built in 1921, this 100-year-old architectural marvel; is a family heirloom resplendent in historic art crafts and secret walkways. It has been carefully restored to its age-old glory by recreating the Colonial, Portuguese, Mughal, Rajasthani and Kangari architectural influences that surround this quaint village. Carefully preserved throughout the Chateau is a wealth of artefacts from the bygone era. From a gramophone and large wooden radio in the living room to beautiful red and blue Belgian chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, there are elements that will remind you of your grandparents’ home. The colourful red, blue, yellow and green windowpanes create a dramatic effect at night. The royal open-mouthed lion door locks and other knick-knacks from the past carry their own unique stories. Every room has a mystery to unveil, every window a view to enthral and every door a path to walk. Be it the courtyard where the local village men would line up to meet the owner or the side entrance where the women would be welcomed, join us and live the life of forgotten era through our eyes. Duration: 30 mins Self/ Guided: Guided Charged/Complimentary: Complimentary

Guided Village Tour

Garli is an unexpected adventure. Narrow paths lead to mansions done up in different styles – with elaborate woodwork, gothic windows, gabled roofs, jharokha windows, brick jaali work, huge arches and imposing doors. Talking of its scenic beauty, a walk around Garli is like stepping back in time, a time that celebrates an ancient aura. A forgotten fabled hamlet that lies hidden in the Kangra Valley, Garli is a treasure trove of heritage buildings and residences showcasing an amalgamation of architectural styles. No travel experience is complete without shopping for souvenirs. At Garli, a ladies association has enabled the local women to weave and sell various patchwork items including clothing, bedcovers, cushion covers and tablecloths. Bring their creations home and cherish your Garli memories forever. Duration: 2 Hours Cost: Complimentary/Chargeable* Self/Guided: Self and guided, both Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and carry a bottle of water

Local Cuisine

Prepare to be spoilt by choice and embark on a culinary expedition with your loved ones and treat your taste buds to a myriad of dishes, ranging from spicy and sweet to sour and tangy, that unite on a thali to make the wholesome traditional Himachali cuisine – Dhaam – the old school way. You can request the meal, and our expert chefs will bring the real taste of Himachal directly to your plate. After your meal, do walk down the village to visit Mr Satpal Sharma for a round of ‘malai baraf’ or, as we know it, kulfi, served on a leaf plate. His family has been selling this speciality of Garli for generations. Let this burst of flavours become one of your favourite gastronomic memories. Cost: Chargeable Availability: Pre-order 1 day prior

Local Dances & Bonfire

Your stay would be incomplete without tapping your feet to the local music and dance of the valley. You can request us for a Himachali Naati dance performance followed by a bonfire, adding to the warmth of this quaint village– Garli. Naati is a traditional dance form that showcases the rich culture of Himachal Pradesh in which people dance in groups to the tunes of various local instruments and dialects. So, make the most of your stay by booking the dance right away. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Chargeable Availability: On request Tips: Take out your dancing shoes and get ready to groove on local tunes.

Fish Feeding

As you take a leisurely stroll down to the taal, turn it into an even enjoyable affair by feeding the fishes you find. As you begin meandering through the streets of Garli, the first stop is an Aanganwadi followed by visiting the age-old Shiva temple. Entertain the little kid in you by plucking edible wild berries on the way and enjoy these local delights with your friends. Our final stop is the taal, where all our guests are provided with kacha atta to feed the fishes, making this spectacle a ritual at Chateau Garli. Duration: 15 minutes Cost: Complimentary Self/Guided: Self and guided, both Tip: Everything is fish-y about it

Riverside Picnic

Experience the thrill of a picnic on the banks of river Beas, surrounded by reserve forest and keep an eye out for the magnificent migratory birds visiting the area while enjoying the serene views of the Dhauladhar Range. Take a basket and spend the afternoon listening to the soothing birdsongs, sunbathing or watching the sun play with the water while you whisk away to the tunes of your soulful music. Or just enjoy the bliss of dipping your feet in a clear stream and soaking in the peace of the serene views.   Duration: 2 hours Cost: Chargeable Self/Guided: Guided (only in winters when the water level of Beas is low) Tip: Carry some board games or playing cards to make the most of your picnic

Cycle Tour

What a joy it used to be riding around on our bicycles as kids! But today’s busy city life has turned this simple experience into a luxury. Chateau Garli offers you a chance to relive those days by touring the village and surrounding areas on a bicycle. You can even ride to the forest nearby that is home to many wild animals. Or, enjoy a gorgeous sunrise or sunset at a secluded spot and the majestic views surrounding you. Cost: Complimentary Self/Guided: Self Tip: Carry water and a first aid kit.