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Guided Golf Lessons

Home to the second oldest 18-hole golf course in the country, Naldehra is a hotspot for golfing enthusiasts from all over the world. There is something very satisfying about the thwack of a good golf club strike, and the Naldehra golf course offers nothing but the best. You can either walk to the golf course, meandering through the forest trail while soaking in the positivity of the serene views of the valley, or take halts under the shade of oak and pine trees to enjoy a thrilling adventure of a picnic amid the lush green forests. Alternatively, you can also take a cab and enjoy a 2-minute drive to the golf course. The beginners can rent a coach, caddy and the equipment from the golf range, while the professionals can just relax and tee off their vacay at the picturesque golf course surrounded by undulating meadows fringed by tall and majestic cedar trees. Duration: 45 mins Self/ Guided: Guided Charged/Complimentary: Chargeable Tip: Don’t stop Putting around and swing on

Forest Walk

Experience the quaint town of Naldehra to the fullest by exploring the forest surrounding our resort on foot. This carefully curated 1-hour walk takes you on a hike through the thick jungle overlooking the snow-peaked mountains while you get to experience the ethereal feeling of walking through the dazzling meadows. Rejoice the peace, awaken your senses, pause for a heartbeat to breathe-in the earthy fragrance of nature, and taste all the thrills the forest has to offer. Duration: 1 hour Cost: Complimentary and Chargeable* Self/Guided: Self and guided, both Tip: Carry essentials like water, handkerchief and sunscreen.

Stargazing Trek

Detox your mind with an exhilarating stargaze trek amid the forests and feel your adrenaline rush while you catch the breeze and rejoice the peace of a quiet starry night. Just grab a yoga matt and discover the magic of the night sky amid the lush green forests that surround this idyllic retreat. Discover the ancient craters scattered around the moon, witness the beauty of the Milky Way galaxy, and watch the shooting stars perform their merry dance. Duration: 30 mins- 1hr Self/ Guided: Self Cost: Complimentary Tip: Take a yoga mat and keep Google Sky Map app handy.

The Greener Side of the Chalet

Away from the glitz of the city life, lying under the shadows of the quaint town of Naldehra is a beautiful mountain retreat – The Chalets. The gorgeous glimpses of greenery and picturesque views it offers will leave you spellbound. While we shoot our way to modernity, with our internationally recognised expertise of Scandinavian log houses, our core lies in a plethora of green initiatives. From composting our garbage into manure to using solar panels for heating the water of the swimming pool, we do it all. So, come and explore the immaculate landscapes and clad in all the green splendour, while we walk you through our environment-conscious endeavours. Duration: 30 mins Cost: Complimentary Self/Guided: Guided Tip: Prepare to delight your eco-friendly side.

Private Romantic Dinner

Be it your first date or the nth, the cliché butterflies you get in the end is what remains constant. So, surprise your partner by treating him/her to a fairy-tale experience with an idyllic private candle-lit dinner, while witnessing the captivating charm of the forests and valleys of the hill town at our revolving restaurant. The charming interiors and the string lights add to the grandeur of the place and help you celebrate your everlasting love in the most flawless way. Duration: 1 hr Self/ Guided: Self Charged/Complimentary: Chargeable Tip: Segue into your love story

Barbeque Nights

A great evening starts with having fresh food off the barbecues with good friends and a breath-taking view of the landscapes in the backdrop. At Chalets, our evenings fill the cold mountain breeze with the aroma wafting from live barbeque grills, best cherished with your loved ones over fun conversations. Guests can also indulge in private barbeques outside their cottages or just enjoy the warmth of a cosy night with the bonfire in our sprawling lawns. Duration: 1.5 hrs Self/ Guided: Self Charged/Complimentary: Complimentary; Private Barbeques are charged additionally Tip: Keep grillin’ and chillin’