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Why Kangra Valley is Among the Top Incredible Places to Visit in Himachal Pradesh?

One of the most beautiful states in India is Himachal Pradesh. Every year, thousands of tourists swarm to this state to rejuvenate themselves of the busy city life. The state abounds in breathtakingly beautiful places to visit and also houses magnificent hotels for the tourists. Since places such as Dharamshala, Kasol and Manali have already been over-explored, Kangra valley is now one of the best places to stay in Himachal Pradesh, when on a vacation. If you are looking for some quiet alone time and want to stay close knit to the nature, Kangra valley is one the best locations you can choose. In this scorching heat of Delhi, gift yourself some relief.

Kangra valley is one such tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh which we can rightly be called as “Chhupa Rustom”. The place has not been explored much by the tourists yet and maybe that’s why it has more charm to it. So, let’s quickly know more about this mountain beauty, located in the lap of the Himalayas. Let us help you plan your trip here. Here is a written guide for you to refer to when you visit Kangra Valley.

It is one of the most beautiful valleys of Himachal Pradesh, located in the cradle of the lower Himalayan Range- The Dhauladhar Range. The valley is green and features luxuriant nature. It is located next to the river Beas. Kangra dates back to the Vedic Era and has a 3500 year old history, associated to it. Due to invasions by multiple tribes and rulers, the art and craft of this place has developed under the influence of a variety of cultures. Thus, the style is a beautiful amalgamation of the best of all these cultures.

The valley is also known for its magnificent miniature paintings and handcrafted shawls. To additionally mention, both of the aforementioned have high international demand. The place also features quite a number of Hindu temples such as Chamunda Devi, Bajreshwar Devi, Jwala Devi and Bajinath Shiv temples. The rock cut Masroor temples is another architectural brilliance located here, which belongs to the Indo Aryan School of Architecture.

Being a valley, it is obvious that air adventure sports are another big thing here. Precisely, Bir Billing in the Kangra District has been ranked as the 2nd highest and the second best spot for paragliding, in the whole world.

Well, rest is for you to discover when you visit this beautiful valley. In case of any double thoughts while booking your stay here, you can blindly trust ‘The Chateau Garli’. With great location, efficient staff, cozy rooms, and urban amenities, this hotel has won the hearts of thousands of tourists. Book today to create an everlasting memory of your trip to Kangra Valley and also avail the special discounted tariffs.

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