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Located in the stunning sub-Himalayan territories, Masroor Rock Temple mesmerises the tourists with its magnificence and grandeur of the idols and intricate carvings. The monolithic Masroor Temple in Himachal Pradesh is the beautiful piece of art ever since the Pandavas period. Located at a height of 2535 ft. above the sea level and at a distance of 40 km from the Kangra Township, Masroor Temple is one of the greatest uncharted destinations on the Nagrota-Surian Link Road in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also believed that in the mid of the 8th century AD, the sandstone ridge of Kangra valley was restructured unbelievably, illuminating 15 steep shikharas or pyramids with elaborate carvings and an auspicious rectangular shaped water pond. All the 15 cave temples are said to be whittled out of one distinct rock. The breath taking view of the Beas Valley and the snow-capped Dhauladhar mountain ranges from the temple complex is completely a mesmerising and unique sight for the tourists. The Nagara styled architecture is reflected in the planning and design of this live stone structure, which is an important Hindu style of temple architecture. The garb-griha or the main shrine of the Masroor Temple consists of the black stone statues of lord Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, and the Mahadev idols reside in the entrance doorway. There are several myths associated with the temple. Some believe that it is sculpted by an ardent follower of lord Shiva and is dedicated to Mahadev, whereas, others narrate the story that the Pandavas stayed in the temple premises during their days of exile. Although, nothing particular is evident till date. The elaborately carved figurines and rich artefacts and carvings make Masroor rock cut temple distinct from the rest in the striking sub-Himalayan terrains. With the remote location of the Masroor Temple in Himachal Pradesh, there are no accommodations available nearby. The Chateau Garli is definitely one of the best options with awesome services for a comfortable stay. All the devotees of this temple can easily reach the venue from this nature resort without any difficulty. The rooms and suites in The Chateau Garli are well equipped with all contemporary amenities and comforts. With benchmarked facilities, scrumptious fare and lots of exciting activities, The Chateau Garli makes the most preferred stay option. The powerful earthquake in the year 1905 heavily destroyed the Masroor rock cut temple and it turned partly into ruins. Many of the shikharas of this Ellora styled temple were damaged completely and few of them developed severe cracks. Although, the erosion by the vegetation and the weather has been slow, they are equally destructive for the temple. The wreckages of the temples still surround them and are considered one of the major archaeological sites positioned in a nature preserve area of Pong Dam.