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Located in the lower Himalayas, Kangra Valley is the most picturesque site with complete greenery all around. In the heart of the Kangra city, lies the most well-renowned temple of the Kangra Valley, the Bajreshwahari Temple, also known as the Kangra Devi Temple. There are many hotels in Kangra and in its surrounding villages. But, The Chateau Garli in the heritage village that offers the best amenities of all. Kangra Valley is also known as the Devbhoomi with mighty valleys, hills, mountains, and peaks of the Himalayas and abode of several temples and holy places. The most famous Kangra Mandir is believed to be erected above the charred breast of Sati. Kangra Devi Temple was well-known for its boundless wealth but, over the years it has been looted unremittingly. Kangra Devi Temple was first looted by Mahmud Ghazni in the year 1009. In 1360, the diamond, gol, and silver of the temple were robbed by Firoz Tughlaq. This sacred place was then restored by Emperor Akbar to its past splendour when he visited the shrine. In 1905, an earthquake once again destroyed the Kangra Mandir, which was reinstated by the Kangra Restoration Committee. There are guest houses and hotels in Kangra that offer an astounding glimpse of the valley but the facilities such as swimming pool, Ayurveda massage, fitness centre, and more always go missing. Some hotels in Kangra offer only local cuisines that might be difficult for the tourists who usually search for variety when it comes to food. The Chateau Garli heritage village offers everything under one roof that makes the tourists comfortable and happy. In the Bajreshwari or Vagreshwari Devi Temple, the deity is worshiped as the Pindi. The architecture of the temple is in Shikhara style with stone carvings on it. The idols of Vishnu, Durga, and other Gods and Goddess are carved amazingly. Other than the main temple, there are two other smaller temples within the Kangra Mandir complex. It is a mandatory pilgrim center and one should not miss out on this. Being in Kangra, the Gupta Ganga Kshetra, and the Kangra Fort are also must visit places. Tourists can also trek to the Jayanti Devi Temple located on the hummock to the Western side of the Kangra Valley.