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Located in the Kangra District, Kaleshwar Mahadev Mandir is about 8 km from Pragpur. It is popularly known as Kalesar. The house of Lord Shiva, Kaleshwar Temple Himachal is one of the oldest sites located in the Himalayan ranges. During the month of Sharavan or Saawan and at the time of Shivratri, the Kaleshwar Mandir, Himachal has the heaviest rush of tourists and the sadhus. It is said that the Shiva worshiped in the Kaleshwar Temple Himachal. The river Vyas bank serves as the perfect meditation spot beside the Kaleshwar Mahadev temple. A crematorium is also positioned beside this temple. The most magnificent Shivalingam is the major crowd-puller to the Kaleshwar Temple Himachal. The sacred pond beside the temple is also one of the attractions for the tourists to visit Kaleshwar Mandir Himachal. The caretakers of the temple believe that the water in the Vyas River keeps growing till it reaches the Shivalingam and once the water touches the Jalahri of the Shiva Lingam, water starts subsiding. The 400 year old construction of the Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple is said to be started by the Pandavas who visited this sacred place during their exile and continued by the Katoch Dynasty. A fair during the Baisakhi festival is another attraction among the tourists for visit to the Kaleshwar Mandir Himachal. There are simple staying facilities available in the Kaleshwar village but during the heavy rush, the availability becomes next to impossible. One of the best options to be at home away from home is staying at The Chateau Garli. With modern amenities at your finger tips, the heritage resort at Garli is definitely the best stay option near the Kaleshwar Temple Himachal. At around 7 km from the Kaleshwar Mandir Himachal, the tourists can find buses and taxis from Sabda for traveling. The Kaleshwar Temple Himachal is one of the ancient temples that has supreme powers to change your fate. The Kalinath Temple is another attraction that lies beside the Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple. To visit all the beautiful sites around the Pragpur Garli Heritage Zone, The Chateau Garli makes the best stay option with unmatched amenities and services.