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One of the famous Shakti Peethas, Jwalamukhi Temple is located 35 km on southern side of the Kangra Valley. Overseeing the Dhauladhar mountain range, this Jwala Mata Mandir is set amid the rolling hills and does not house any statue of God. Jwala Devi, symbolising the God of Light, is worshiped in the Jwalamukhi Temple situated in the Himachal Township Jwalamukhi. Jwalaji is also called the ‘She of the Flaming Mouth’ or the ‘Flaming Goddess’. As per the Hindu mythological tales, Sati’s tongue fell off in this place while Lord Vishnu was cutting through the carcass of Sati. It is said that even the Pandavas visited this sacred site. Not many travellers know but the Jwala Mata Mandir is known as the Flaming Goddess. It is because Jwala refers to Flames and the Jwalaji temple contains a copper conduit emanating natural gasses. The priest of the Jwalamukhi Temple lights it up to form a faultless blue flame. This blaze is revered as the image or appearance of the Jwala Devi. Are you pondering where to stay or if there are any hotels near Jwalaji Temple? To explore this wonderful site, tourists flock in great numbers but there are no hotels near Jwalaji Temple or any accommodation available within the temple complex. Food options are also very limited in the Jwalamukhi Township. With no or limited availability of hotels near Jwalaji Temple, The Chateau Garli becomes one of the best stay options located in the nearby heritage Garli village with every sort of facilities that one needs. During the Navratri celebration in the month of September and October, colourful fairs make the best time to visit this temple. Tourists can visit the Jwala Devi temple throughout the year as it is open on all seven days from 6 AM to 5 PM throughout the year. The power of Jwalaji is said to be highly acknowledged. It is assumed that Kangra’s Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch dreamt of this holy place who was an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga. Raja erected the Jwalamukhi temple at the same location where he dreamt it to be. The Jwala Devi temple dome is made of gold and comprises a beautiful silver plated folding door. A brass bell gifted by the King of Nepal hangs at the entrance of the mandap or the main hall in the Jwala Mata Mandir. It is one of the most beautiful of the 51 peethas.