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20 April, 2018 Garli, the twin sister of Pragpur, is a beautiful heritage village situated in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Garli is located about 4 km away from Pragpur and consists of about 2000 people. A medieval ambience with Italianate buildings constitutes Garli. It is popularly known for the crafts, which tend to have a Tibetan touch and some of the most beautiful hotels in Kangra. People who are willing to experience something unique and diverse in nature and comfortable accommodation should plan a vacation to this heritage village. If you are planning to visit Garli, then these are the things you must experience there:
Garli: The Hidden Gem of Himachal

Sunset at Beas River

Beas River is a Punjab- Himachal river. This is one among the five rivers, which originated the word ‘Punjab’. This river is even the source of drinking water for the people in Kangra district. Even if you can view the sunset from the hotels in Kangra but this river bed in Garli offers the best sunset view in the whole village. Dipping your feet in the Beas river bed and encountering the sun set is a must do in Garli.

Night Safari in the Local Forest Reserve

This is for all the wildlife enthusiasts. Taking a jeep around 9 or 10 pm and driving through the local forest reserve would be a surprising adventure as you might spot a leopard, wild boar, wild rabbits or sambar.

Local Entertainment

Your Himachal trip would be incomplete if you haven’t encountered Himachali songs and folk dances. Different events are held by the local people at Garli, which depict the Himachal culture. So it’s worth spending an evening watching Himachal folk dance and song or even Ghazals while you are in Garli. Many of such events are held in hotels in Kangra or if not on special request they would.

Nangal Chowk and Dada Siba

Go on a day trip to Dada Siba and explore the beautiful paintings in the Radha Krishna temple built by Raja Ram Singh who ruled that place about 200 years. The names of the artists are unknown. The paintings of this temple depict the life of Lord Krishna.

A Religious Tour

There are a vast number of temples in Garli as the city situated in the ‘Land of the Gods’- Himachal. Some of the famous temples in Garli are Jwalamukhi Temple, Maha Kaleshwar Temple, Baba Balaknath Temple, Kangra Devi Temple, Baglamukhi Temple and Chintpurni Temple.

Trek Tours

Take a map and just explore the streets and the trek places in Garli by foot. You will surely be surprised to by the hospitality of the people, the beauty of the antique shops and hills. Do plan a trip to Garli and don’t miss to try out these mesmerizing highlights of this destination.
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