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The state of Dada Siba was ruled by Raja Ram Singh who was an ardent follower of Krishna, including his subjects. Mathura and Vrindavan pilgrimage was mandatory for these set of followers every year. To avoid the tradition of visiting Mathura and Vrindavan every year, Raja Ram Singh suggested the idea of constructing the Radha Krishna Temple in Dada Siba. The position of the King’s palace and the Dada Siba Temple, Himachal Pradesh reveals the taste and the sense of the beauty of Raja Ram Singh. The dull lustreless murals cover the walls of this temple. Most shades of red, bottle green, brown, and orange are used, which are dull and lack shine. Several themes are used like that of Kunjara Kamini where a group of women is arranged in the shape of an elephant or the theme of the suppression of the snake Kaliya, and others. The legends of Krishna are also well known in Dada Siba apart from the legends of Rama. The swayamvara of Sita, killing of Rakshas by Lakshmana and Rama, Rama’s coronation paintings in the temple clearly reveals that these legends are quite popular in the region. It took 18 years to complete the construction of the Dada Siba Temple, Himachal Pradesh, which is said to be built in red sandstone and marble. They were imported from Agra and Jaipur respectively. Devi Chand and Suba Ram are said to be the two painters who executed the murals. With eight extensions on the four corners, this temple is constructed on the raised platform. The ceiling was domed shaped elaborated with paintings, and presently, it’s completely in ruins. Whether you wish to see the Dada Siba Temple or the palace, the best place to stay is The Chateau Garli as the Siba state is entirely in ruins. All the sightseeing options are within a convenient reach from the heritage village Garli. The tourists can breathe in the fresh air with rich culture, art, and heritage all around.