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At an altitude of 940 meters, Chintpurni Mata village falls under the Una District in Himachal Pradesh. Within 3 km west side of the Bharwain village, Mata Chintpurni Temple lies in one of the highest peaks of the Solan Singhi Range. The 1.5 km walk towards the temple from the Chintpurni bus stand is extremely refreshing and no private vehicles are allowed after the bus stop area. There are various kinds of hotels in Chintpurni for the night stay but none can match the grandeur of The Chateau Garli. The Garli Kangra Heritage Zone is the best place to unwind after sightseeing. The Chintpurni hotel rates are also on the higher side with little or no facilities, which make The Chateau Garli a more preferred option amongst the tourists. It is believed that a Kalia Saraswat Brahman named Pundit Mai Das; a dedicated devotee of Goddess Durga dreamt and received orders from Chinnamastika Devi under a Vat Tree that Mata Chintpurni would appear in form of a pindi (a round stone), which must be worshiped regularly. He was little apprehensive with dense forest, wild animals, and no source of water around but his uneasiness was put to rest in minutes when Chintpurni Mata manifested and pointed towards the northern hill direction on the slope and asked to dig out a stone to find fresh water. Later, Mata Chintpurni Temple was established by the devotees in the same place as Chhaproh, now known as Chintpurni village. It is said that the descendants of Pundit Mai Das still reside in Chintpurni and perform pujas for the Mata. In order to witness the holy shrine, numerous tourists pour in throughout the year and look for hotels in Chintpurni or search for Chintpurni hotel rates on the internet. But, to avail the best of the facilities with a complete package that serves you all, The Chateau Garli is definitely the best option. The hotels in Chintpurni can surely fall under your budget but they cannot offer you the facilities that you search for while traveling whereas the heritage hotel located in Garli gives you outstanding amenities and lucrative packages. The Chintpurni hotel rates also vary according to season. The months of October and November are considered the best time to visit Mata Chintpurni Temple.