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The best adventure sporting destination, Bir-Billing paragliding over the picturesque valley can surely make all your dreams of flying high come true within a day. A small village in the upper reaches of the Kangra region, Bir Billing is the most stunning destination that makes the perfect landing site for various aero-sports bringing the unlimited thrill, fun, excitement and adventure for all. If you are just a novice or do not have any prior experience, yet wish to try your hands on Bir Billing paragliding, you can forget all your worries and try it. Both solo paragliding where you fly alone and tandem paragliding where a pilot accompanies you for operating and guiding are offered here. The Bir-Billing paragliding usually starts from Billing, located at a height of 8000 ft. and lands at Bir at a height of 4500 ft. above sea level. It is the best destination for paragliding in India and also the 2nd best in the entire world. The paragliding world cup was also hosted in the small hamlet of Bir Billing in the year 2015 with several pilots across the globe participating from 140 countries. Many tourists prefer the winter months of December and January for paragliding and camping to witness the snow covered mountains of Dhauladhar. The Bir Billing paragliding cost is completely justified with such mesmerising picturesque sight. The weather, take-off and landing site in Bir-Billing make it ideal for paragliding in Himachal. The pilots ensure that the complete standard of accessibility and safety are met. Apart from numerous trekking, hiking, and climbing, the Bir Billing paragliding is one such adventure sport that cannot be missed if you are nearby. The Bir Billing paragliding cost is quite reasonable starting from INR 1500 for a flight of 15-20 minutes. So, jumping, gliding, paragliding in Himachal, and soaring through the sky are not only easy at Bir Billing but also affordable. While travelling with your family and friends, it is very important that your accommodation is a safe and secure place. Although you can find few Bir Billing hotels nearby, it is best to stay somewhere that can be the central point for all the destinations you wish to cover during your tour. The Chateau Garli is one of the best stay options with great ambiance and mouth-watering cuisines. The resort can also make all your Bir Billing paragliding arrangements and you can just relax and enjoy the enticing activities in the region. The Chateau Garli offers equivalent or rather better views, amenities, activities, and services than any Bir Billing hotels. From camping and trekking to paragliding, every arrangement is made for you to make the experience safe and worth cherishing. After an exhausting and hectic day, unwinding at the spa in The Chateau Garli takes away all your fatigue and rejuvenates you from within. For a lifetime experience, pack your bag and explore this region, and you will not be disappointed.