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20 April, 2018 If you are an avid traveler and love exploring new destinations, then Baijnath Temple, located 50 km away from Dharamshala is a must visit. Offering a beautiful view of Kausani hill station, the architecture and the spiritual significance of Baijnath Temple is well known. The architectural style used for building the temple is Nagara style, which has its origin from Orissa. A trekking spot is located just 10 km away from Baijnath temple. These special characteristics of the Baijnath Temple attract a vast number of devotees all year. This temple is very aesthetically decorated during the festive seasons.
Baijnath Temple and its Significance

There is an interesting story revolving around Baijnath temple. It goes as follows: The demon king of Lanka, Ravana, was a big devotee of Lord Shiva. He performed a great sacrificial fire and cut off his ten heads. Lord Shiva was touched by his offerings and gave him a boon as well as his 10 heads. Ravana was awarded with a Shivling by the impressing Lord Shiva with his years of worship. He wanted to establish the Shivling in Lanka so that he could completely rule that place. And it was promised to him that if he is able to establish the Shivling in Lanka without placing the significant Shivaling on the ground or anywhere while he was resting, then he will be blessed with powers, which would be undefeatable even by Gods.

In order to trick Ravana, one of the Gods appeared in front of Ravana as a beggar and asked for help. The beggar wanted Ravana to fetch him something to eat as he wasn’t in a condition to. He promised Ravana that he would hold the Shivling. So Ravana handed over the Shivling to the beggar and went to fetch some food for him. But the beggar, in the absence of Ravana, placed the Shivling on the ground. So it was ordered that the Shivling won’t move from there and that is the exact place where the Baijnath Temple is situated now in Himachal.

Apart from this famous story revolving around Baijnath Temple, it is even one of the ‘Twelve Jyotirlingams’. This temple is very artistically built in the shape of a conical ‘mandapa’. This conical shaped dome is supported by four domes surrounding it and is the perfect example of Kangra architecture. The water in this temple is one of the interesting facts as it is considered to have some medicinal properties. It even has remarkable digestive properties and is said to be available only in the Baijnath Temple.

One could consider staying in the hotels in Kangra Dharamshala, hotels near Triund trek and hotels near Pong Dam. If you are staying in a hotel in Kangra Dharamshala, then this temple will only be around 55 km away. If you are staying in a hotel near Triund trek, then this temple is around 68 km away. If you are staying in a hotel near Pong dam, then this temple is around 130 km away. So, the next time you are in Himachal, don’t forget to visit the wonderful Baijnath Temple.

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