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12 October, 2018
The fast paced life of a metropolitan city is surely fascinating, when seen from a distance but as you get used to it, you long for a getaway to a place untouched by modernity. Kangra, a beautiful district of Himachal Pradesh, is one such pristine location, which serves as a soulful retreat. Resting among the meandering courses of Kangra valley and the enchanting foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges, Kangra district is a less explored gem of Himachal Pradesh. Carrying religious significance, it is often referred as the ‘Devbhumi’ or ‘The Land of Gods’. As the popular attractions are crowded with tourists, here are a few offbeat attractions of Kangra, which remain less explored

Kareri Lake

With a sight worth beholding, Kareri Lake would seem like a place far away from India. Situated among the picturesque location of the Dhauladhar ranges or the White Range, this Lake is one of the charming places to visit in Kangra. Enveloped by hills with high altitude, this destination is preferred by trekkers. The water is as clear as a crystal enabling the visitors to see through it and spot the aquatic life. If you visit the Kareri Lake between the month of December and March, then you will be able to witness the frozen version of it.

Haripur Guler

Abound with the heritage of Guler Riyasat, a small pre-colonial hill town nestled on the lower parts of Himalayas, Haripur Guler is a town of Himachal Pradesh. Legends have it that while Raja Hari Chand (the King of Guler Riyasat) was out hunting with his troop, he fell into a well, which remained unnoticed. When he was not found after a long search, they declared him dead wherein his brother acquired the kingdom. After 22 days he was rescued by a passenger. While he returned back home he was denied the throne and was demanded to leave the town. That’s when he came to Haripur and set up his new kingdom. In the entire Himachal, the traditional Guler paintings remain appealing choice of art. The Haripur Fort and Masroor Rock Cut Temple are the attractions to visit while you explore Haripur Guler.

Bajreshwari Devi Temple

Just behind the crowded lanes of the Kangra Market lies a significant Hindu pilgrimage site, Bajreshwari Devi Temple. Proving its presence through the echoes of the bells during morning and evening, this temple is one of the few ones depicting the glorious history of Kangra. During the festival of Makar Sankrati, the temple is brightened up with a number of lamps, all decorated with vibrant and colorful flowers. So embark on a spiritual trail in Kangra and spend an evening in the quaint aura of the shrine.

Pong Lake Sanctuary

The numerous sanctuaries of Himachal are a transformation of the forest trails into a habitat of the wildlife, including the Pong Lake Sanctuary of Kangra Valley. Standing as a divine destination for the wildlife lovers, the sanctuary serves as a home to a number of endangered species. Surrounded by the untouched beauty of Mother Nature, this sanctuary acts as an abode to rich flora. Take your cameras out and capture Barking Deer, Leopards, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Clawless Otter and Sambar.
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